About Me

Hello! My name is James Parker. I list my pronouns as He/She, but I'm fine with just about anything. I accept both "Mister" and "Miss". I'm a zillenial otakuish-type of person. This site is a home for my random thoughts, articles, and other creative stuff. It is lightly styled after the PlayStation 2 BIOS, largely based on a template provided by sadgirl, link here.

This is a queer/LGBTQ friendly space!

I like comic books of all kinds, usually retro games, and lots of other stuff. I like to write and blog, of course. Writing enjoyable, informative articles, and becoming a much better writer in general is a big goal for me!

I've had the pleasure of working with, and being featured on Anime Herald! Working with an editor was an amazing experience, so someone please come get me!

My favorite colors are yellow, blue, and pink, and I am not a pro web designer, but things are coming along well here!

You can reach out to me on Twitter. Or Bluesky.

Email me at playingps2@hotmail.com. I would love to see a letter from a human!

I hope you enjoy Emotion Engine!

Some Credits

PlayStation 2 style fonts used courtesy Jonas Hecksher.

Seraphimon sprite animation by DigimonGif on DeviantArt. The sprites were probably ripped by redblueyellow at Spriter's Resource.

The current header image is from the opening credits of the Fox Kids cut of Digimon the Movie. I edited it myself to make the new image.

Sprites from Super Robot Wars Z3 ripped here by MechanicalSaviour.