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Welcome back to "Mage Crush!", I'm very proud to be producing a second chapter for you. I actually got some nice response to the first chapter. One friend even said that it was "so cute". Isn't that great? If you've ever wanted to publish your own story, you too can feel the joy!

The first chapter was inspired by events in an MMO, but from here on it's not based on any particular incident. I decided that the second chapter would be a good time to try and introduce some rowdy, hotblooded character to push buttons and keep the story rolling. So that is how Kiki was created! She's fun to play with and sort of inspired by an oomfie. I think a story with Theodore and Alexia being blushy blushy all the time would make their intimate moments less fun. Or something like that, right? There's always a balance to strike.

There is a manga I really like that is all about being blushy blushy and easing into a relationship. It's called "Blooming Love". Check that out!

This isn't exactly related, but across the week I saw some clips from the anime "KonoSuba" and they were really funny! "Kazuma, Kazuma!", humor and fantasy go well together in my opinion.

I'll be formulating ideas for Chapter 3. I feel I hit upon a strong one for Chapter 2, so let's keep it going! I'm due for more regular articles though! Ah, I'm putting a lot on my plate!